4 Tips to make it through a video interview!

In the era of Covid-19, video interviews have replaced face-to-face and in person interviews. Are they relatively the same or should you prepare differently for a video interview? Overall, interviews are interviews, and I would view all interviews in the same light. However, there are some key differences on how you should prepare for a virtual interview.

Similarly to telephone interviews, video interviews require special considerations and adjustments due to the limited ability to read a candidates body language and facial expressions. Here are some tips that we would recommend taking in to consideration in order to ace your interview;


1.Test your Technology: 

Probably the most important thing to do prior to your video interview is to make sure your technology is working efficiently and effectively. Ideally this should be done the day before your interview. Make sure you have downloaded the correct app/ software, test your microphone, camera and internet connection. I would strongly recommend using a laptop to complete your interview and steer clear of using your phone, it’s unprofessional. I would also suggest asking a friend to do a practice run with you using the technology the client has requested. There is nothing worse than having technical issues that could have been avoided!


2.Environment is Everything:

It is best to set yourself up in a quiet room within your house with no distractions. Likewise, the room should be clean and ideally you should sit in front of a blank wall so as not to distract your interviewer. You should let your family or roommates know the time and details of your interview so that they can be respectful during this time. Likewise, it’s important to make sure there are no pets roaming around the room! Just like your environment, professionalism is everything.


3.Wear Professional Attire:

As mentioned, it is important to approach a video interview just like all other interviews you have attended. Therefore, you need to come across as professional and wear appropriate attire. Not only will it send the right message to your prospective employer, it will also get you in the right, professional frame of mind needed for an interview. There are certain companies that usually wear casual attire to work, if so, your recruiter will advise you on what’s appropriate. However, if in doubt, business casual is the way to go!


4.Be Yourself: 

Last but not least, be yourself. You have been given a unique opportunity to interview from your own home and familiar settings so hopefully this will help you to relax and be confident. This is a new normal for a lot of people and therefore it may be easier to build rapport and find out how your interviewer has adapted to interviewing virtually. It can however be hard for interviewers to get a sense of a person over a computer screen so it’s important to use professional body language and have a friendly and welcoming expression.


Video interviews aren’t going anywhere so it’s important to know what clients expect and how to be fully prepared in order to give yourself the best shot at securing that job.


If you would like further advice on interview tips or changing jobs then please reach out to us. We’d be happy to help!