What to do when you’ve been counter offered

Maybe you’ve been there before.. or maybe you came across this post because you are seeking clarity. You’ve been offered your new dream role, you’ve handed in your notice, and you are so excited for your new chapter. Except your current employer says we will match your new salary, or give you more. You’ve been counter offered!

This is not uncommon, as in this market, employers want to keep hold of you as they are finding it hard to find the right skillsets and culture fit.

Now you may be thinking ; I don’t enjoy conflict, so HOW do I handle this? Here’s a few things to consider about a counter offer.


P & R – Pause and Reflect

It is proven that 80% of people leave within 6 months of accepting a counter offer. It is not uncommon for candidates to accept a counter offer and regret the decision. It is important you pause and reflect and think about why you decided to leave in the first place, why you applied for roles and why you went through interview processes.  If they think you are worth a bigger pay check now – why weren’t they paying you this earlier? Make sure you think through that a bigger salary won’t make anything change internally. There are a few things to consider:


  • If its career progression that didn’t exist, is this going to appear?
  • Will any issues you had in your role be resolved?
  • Will your relationships within the organisation stay the same?


New Opportunities

You may start to think about your counter offer more as it will come from a place of comfort, but actually its hindering your personal and professional growth. We tend to be creatures of habit at times, and if we are tempted that things will stay the same with more money, you might be tempted. However, the risk you’re afraid to take could change your life. Your new company may offer better career development opportunities, reach your full potential and take yourself to the next level.


Making the decision

Making a decision can feel isolating and panic can set in. Remember why you wanted to make the change. It is important to chat with your partner, family, friends and your recruitment consultant, they will go through all aspects of your concerns and worries with you and give you guidance so you can make the best decision for your personal and professional growth.


If you decide to decline a counter offer

It is important to showcase the balance of being firm in your decision and being polite. We recommend you express your appreciation to your current employer for them wanting to keep you in the firm, and give a brief indication of why you have decided to reject the counter offer. It is important to reconfirm your final date and offer full help during the transition period of you leaving the organisation.


Final counter offer checklist

  • Be clear why your in the market – review the above
  • Expect to be counter offered – be prepared
  • Know the facts and figures -what is your overall package
  • Always follow up with your notice in writing


If you have any questions or need help in your job search please get in touch with me on jessica.moran@hrsearch.ie.