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HR Search are proud achievers of the Silver Medal in Diversity with the Irish Centre for Diversity and practitioners of DE&I in Hiring. We understand the value of bringing diverse talent, new thinking and perspectives into an organisation. We know that diversity has the power to spark creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills that may not be in a homogeneous workforce. HR Search are proud to support clients who have a focus on DE&I hiring strategies and internally, we are developing competence in this area through active partnerships and training.

HR Search strongly believes that our consultants should have an awareness of DE&I, we complete unconscious bias training annually and focus on skill based recruitment. Being in the business of talent, we believe our recruiters should be interviewing candidates for your organisation, having a firm grasp of what your organisation’s DE&I policies & requirements are.

‌We understand that sustainable hiring is successful hiring and that the sense of belonging in the workplace outweighs many other elements for people.

The value of culture add and not just culture fit

As recruitment partners we think about not just ‘culture fit’ but also ‘culture add’. We understand the importance of Culture Fit, where the individual shares the values, behaviors, and attitudes of the company and can integrate seamlessly into the company culture; HR Search is also aware of culture add, whereby embracing the fresh skills, new perspectives, uniqueness, and differences, that an individual can bring will enhance the company culture. This uniqueness of fresh perspectives, all stems from diversity.

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