Last week, Caoilinn and I took a day to attend the IBEC HR Leadership Summit – An excellent day. We all walked away with some insight into how the world is changing at a rapid pace and what that will mean for people both personally and in the world of work!

For me the following points were eye opening and thought provoking:

  • The war for talent in Ireland is back with a vengeance and we, as HR professionals, need to be increasing open to new ways of attracting and retaining talent. According to IBEC’s recent survey, the greatest areas of skills shortage are in the areas of IT and Engineering.
  • Social Media will take over our lives unless we develop measures to prevent it. Social media and technology should make our lives easier – not take over our lives completely.
  • Multitasking is not always a productive way of working.
  • Challenge your-self every day!
  • Encourage your children to be as creative as possible. Creativity will be increased demand in the workplace as technology takes over and more routine work is automated.
  • We need to be prepared to live longer and work later than our predecessors.
  • Our children will live and work even longer than us – 1 in 3 children born in 2012 will live to be 100.
  • Our children will therefore need to start saving as early as possible.
  • Our children won’t just have one career. With the change in required skills they will retrain at a couple of intervals throughout their lives.
  • The norm will increasingly be two parents working which means more flexibility will need to be afforded by employers to either/or parent.
  • Organisations need to be able to offer flexible working arrangements – this should become the norm or they will find it increasingly difficult to attract top talent.
  • HR will be instrumental in helping their companies prepare (in advance!) of these fundamental human capital and workforce changes.

Thanks to the speakers on the day – Lynda Gratton’s was excellent and I look forward to reading her book “100 year life” which is being published next year. I will be encouraging my teenage children to also read this book as they will most certainly be affected by changing technology and demography. This IBEC summit provided many HR leaders with food for thought and were challenged by all the presenters to be the leaders rather than the followers of this change!