I was delighted to join Yseult, Lisa and David of DCU Leadership & Talent Institute on a panel discussion re “Re-engaging Talent Post Maternity Leave”

DCU’s well-grounded evidence-based research, provided much food for thought around how companies are (or are not) looking after women returning to work after maternity leave. Whilst there have been some improvements, we have a long way to go to make sure that women feel as valued in their roles as they did before they headed off on leave in the first place! Yseult, Lisa and the team at DCU provided us with some simple measures to ensure that such valuable assets of the business do not simply walk out that door….and keep walking. Don’t be short-sighted, think of the cost involved in replacing such important resources.

It was great to hear how Bernie O’Connor in ESB goes about looking after their returning mothers and to hear the very positive experience that Ita Langton had with Deloitte. So, yes we do have positive new stories, but we now need to hear many, many more. My main takeaway from the day was a very simple message “ask returning mothers what you as an employer can do to make their lives easier upon return from maternity leave” Don’t stick your head in the sand and make assumptions. It is all about open communication and people “feeling safe” to have a chat re any concerns that they may have at this very important time of their lives.



Caoilinn and I would be delighted to hear from people willing to share their experience upon return to work and what impact this experience had on their loyalty to their employer, for good or for bad!

Thanks to Orlaith Carmody for her wonderful MC’ing of our event. For the full DCU report, please click on the following link DCU Talent and Leadership Institute report