You’ve advertised a role and have been inundated with applications, great! Surely, you’ll get strong candidates and can pick and choose who you want…right?

In an interview process, often we find that it can be the employer who feel they are in charge and leading the interview process. After all, as an employer you are giving a candidate a great opportunity…?Unfortunately, that really isn’t the case, in an increasingly growing and buoyant candidate driven market it is easy to forget that candidates often have several different interviews in a week. These candidates who are in hot demand are being asked to sell whilst simultaneously being sold to. Whilst the interviewer can sell the perks and benefits on why your company is the best company in all the land, is your company and the people you work with selling the benefits?

Recently, we had a candidate interviewing for a role within a large, well known company. The interview process involved several stages. All had gone well and the candidate was progressing. However, at the last stage when our candidate was waiting in reception, her initial interviewer passed her, and was not only not recognised but ignored (3 interviews later!). In addition, she was asked at each stage for identifying documents despite providing the required documents on day one. For the candidate, these were deciding factors. She turned down the offer and accepted one from a much smaller company with a shorter contract, but who had a more positive, personal and friendly atmosphere.

Take a look at your company. What sort of vibe is it giving off?

Do the people you meet on the stairs or at reception seem happy and content working there? If you were to interview for a position, would you feel comfortable and at home amongst prospective colleagues? If the answer is no, perhaps you need to look at your company culture. Discuss with your colleagues what sort of vibe you want to give off collectively. First and foremost, do they enjoy working here? Why? If not, then why not?

Candidates are looking for more than just a job – they’re looking to work in an environment they’ll enjoy and that is a fit for them. Taking these small but important factors into consideration could ensure that you get those keys hires across the line every time!

Here in HR Search we happily act as a liaison between candidate and client at every stage of a hiring process. Should you have any queries or thoughts on the above article please feel free to get in touch!