You would be right in thinking that Human Resources in Ireland over the past few years has seen the arrival of many new job titles and corresponding buzz words. Coinciding with Ireland’s return to growth and renewed focus on the importance of employee attraction and retention has seen the emergence of new specialist titles across the following areas Employee Communication, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Organisational Development, Organisational  Effectiveness, People and Change, HR Transformation, HR Planning & Forecasting, Early Career Talent Management, Graduate Talent Management, HR Operations Management, HR project Management, HR Analytics and HR Information Systems.

So we, at HR Search and Selection, are going to attempt to demystify some of the above by writing a “Top Tips” series.  In this series we will talk to the experts in the above areas and explore their insight as to how to be the “best in class” in their areas of expertise.

And the first that I will look at is the role of the Employee Communications Manager which is defined as “ facilitating strategic connections and conversations within your company” If done properly it should ensure that your people are committed to achieving ground breaking business results by helping to improve collaboration, productivity and performance.


Top Tips from a highly respected Employee Communications Manager


  • All companies need to start by understanding their audience, stakeholders and business objectives
  • All companies, no matter what their size, should have a clearly defined internal and external brand purpose and value statement and these should be clearly communicated to all internal and external stakeholders
  • This brand promise should have the full buy in of the Senior Executive team and they should wear these values in everything that they do and say
  • Clear communication is King and should ideally be tailored for the audience in terms of medium and flavour of message. Messages should educate and inspire each employee to deliver on goals. In all cases it should link back to group values
  • Regular meetings in all main offices should be held with the senior management team present if at all possible. As many employees as possible should attend
  • Employees should be able to ask questions and it should be an open forum
  • All communication needs to be genuine and respectful
  • Keep things as simple as possible
  • And don’t forget to measure the effectiveness of internal communications which is often easier said than done!


Background of professionals in this area will typically have been in Communications, Marketing or Journalism. People will often “end-up” in this space by chance rather than design. It will suit people who enjoy understanding and connecting with people in a relevant manner. The person will only be as good as the buy-in from the senior management team. If out of sync with each other, then you may as well flush the budget for your internal communication strategy down the drain!

If you have a background in Employee Communication and are looking for your next move or if you are looking to hire an Employee Communication specialist in this space please do not hesitate to contact Caoilinn or I.