Recruitment in the HR space has never been as exciting in Ireland. Growth, Change, Competition and Globalisation are creating an unprecedented level of interest in areas such as Talent Pipelining, Engagement, Talent Management, Succession planning and C&B. According to Valerie Daunt (Director – Human Capital Consulting, Deloitte) “HR faces continuing challenges in generating the investment to begin to close the gap between current practice and desired outcomes”. “With targeted investment, HR leaders can begin to really engage with solutions to the people challenges facing their organisations. Investment in HR technology is crucial to begin this process; however, this investment must be accompanied by efforts to redesign processes, talent management programmes and retraining of HR professionals to see the maximum return”.

There is one problem! There is a lack of expertise in the Irish market to fuel the demand for this new “breed” of HR professional that can help to bridge that gap!

Serving to highlight my point is Deloitte’s Capital Market 5 top trends 2015 survey:

  • Culture – no longer a ‘soft’ concept
    Culture and engagement are at the forefront of talent issues for the majority of Irish companies, according to the Human Capital Trends 2015 survey.
  • Leadership – a perennial challenge
    This year’s report indicates a continuing lack of progress in what has become a perennial organisational challenge – leadership.
  • Learning and development – into the spotlight.
    In 2015, the need to transform and accelerate corporate learning moved to the third highest priority in Ireland.
  • Performance management – the secret ingredient
    As business needs for leadership, stronger engagement, and critical skills continue to grow, business and HR leaders look to performance management as the  ‘secret ingredient’ that affects all of these challenges.
  • Workforce on demand – are you ready?
    Building an ‘on demand workforce’ has become critical to business success. To combat talent shortages organisations must engage with the ‘open talent economy’ to tap into a broader range of external talent through non-traditional employment methods such as joint ventures and partnerships, contracted, outsourced and freelance workers.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, it is critical that you come up with innovative means to track down those skills that will allow you to be ahead of curve in terms of your people agenda.Companies need to be prepared to attract resources in from countries such as Canada, America, Singapore and Australia, as well as Ireland and across Europe. HR Search and Selection are actively working with our clients sourcing the best talent, regardless of location.