I attended the Amcham World of Talent event yesterday in Workdays offices in Smithfield.  It was a celebration of the Irish workforce talent pool and involved great discussions around how to attract and retain the best talent to maintain our competitiveness for FDI. Enda Kenny was the key note speaker, with an impressive panel line up of leaders from Paypal, Twitter, Microsoft and Linkedin to name a few.

The World of Talent initiative is supported by the IDA – Martin Shanahan mentioned that the number one thing discussed across the world in board rooms is the quality of talent when considering countries to invest in. Talent is still the main factor that will differentiate a countrys ability to attract investment and the most important element for any company to achieve success in any given country.

Sources of this talent come down to two pools – 1) Growing our own and 2) Attracting talent into Ireland. There is no doubt that Ireland has a range of exciting employment opportunities available for people moving back to the country and with future growth trends every company has its own challenges with attracting and retaining the best. Louise Phelan, VP Paypal, articulated her thoughts about not trading talent, but creating careers (not just jobs) and supporting people and their families to integrate into the country from abroad.

Sharon McCooey (Snr Director Linkedin), was very proud of the fact that Linkedin Dublin (Which has grown from 4 to 1000 people in 5 years) has 48 nationalities in 1 office. These are just a couple of points that struck a chord with me, with many more interesting thoughts on our current workforce and innovating for the future. The gregarious, fun loving nature of Ireland is well and truly still alive in this country and we should be very proud that some of the best companies in the world are registered here. I was one of those people who returned to Ireland after 4 years abroad – great decision and have been welcomed with great opportunities, lifestyle and most importantly, back to the banter that only exists in Ireland….#hometowork

If you work in HR and are considering a move back to Ireland, I would be delighted to hear from you.