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Highly engaged employees need to be heard!

By |2022-10-24T13:41:35+01:00October 24th, 2022|HR|

Almost everyone, especially HR professionals, wants to improve the employee experience. In the current climate, it is crucial for managers to work towards forging bonds with their staff members, giving them a sense of security, importance, connection, and hopefully, empowerment.   So here are a few suggestions for improving the work environment coming into 2023.   Increasing engagement Give everyone the chance to acknowledge and praise others inside the company. You'll waste opportunities to raise morale and improve culture if you simply wait for planned celebrations and huge awards to arrive. Allow employees to recognise one another with “in the moment” call outs and rewards.   Maintain remote working  According to nearly 65% of workers surveyed recently, flexible scheduling and remote work choices will enhance their satisfaction and loyalty. To maintain consistency when working with remote teams, flexible scheduling is essential. Although important to have a clear plan, you should be willing to change your tactics where appropriate. It really shouldn't matter whether your employees prefer to work in the morning or the evening as long as the work is done well. Allowing employees to have that flexibility shows trust and care about their wellbeing which in turn makes for a happier employee and overall work environment.   Showing Empathy To lead with empathy, one must be able to comprehend the needs of others and be conscious of their emotions and thoughts. When you look at the employee experience from their perspective, you'll probably come up with effective strategies for reengaging them. There are plenty of great articles out there [...]

Remote wellness – How to help employees feel valued

By |2022-08-31T17:28:14+01:00August 29th, 2022|HR, HR Tips, HR Trends, Leadership, Remote Working, Tips for employers|

In a world where hybrid or 100% remote working is become “The Norm” we all face times where it can affect our personal health and wellbeing. We are aware that social exclusion, loneliness, and poor mental health are strongly correlated. Employees who struggle to communicate effectively at work may feel excluded or alone. According to statistics pulled from numerous mental health surveys, only one in five employees stated that their employer has provided additional mental health services since the start of the pandemic, down from 35 percent 2019 (Pre-Covid). Stigma in the workplace continues to be a significant problem, and employees are having difficulty accessing mental health care. So, how can organisations support mental health?   Creating a positive workplace Consider the type of workplace culture you wish to establish. By embracing people from various backgrounds and valuing their differences, you can foster a positive, inclusive workplace atmosphere. Work becomes a positive experience rather than one that is anxious when leaders foster an environment of empathy, optimism, trust, and compassion.   Routine check-ins Leads and managers need to increase engagement and build a trusting and open environment where staff feel they can be open and honest about their issues and make them fee “heard”. People have the opportunity to be more open and it lessens stress. This can also give managers the ability to look for stress or deteriorating employee mental health. The manager and other team members' relationship is strengthened by these open chat sessions.   Health and wellbeing programmes HR should make sure that mental health therapies [...]

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