Belonging and our values in the workplace

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  Sometimes, when we search for an ideal workplace we don’t know what we want until we’ve experienced what we don’t want. That experience can be so powerful in enabling us to really understand what kind of team and business we want to be a part of and most of all what kind of leader we want to work for. Belonging is such a key component when we spend the majority of our week in work whether that be in an office or from your own space at home. It’s that feeling that you are part of something. Jobs are not all one size fits all, we’re human beings, we’re complex with different wants, values and needs.   It was at a team off site that the word Belonging came up and totally resonated with me. We were a newly formed team and my boss at the time said she wanted a role that made her feel she belonged. I thought wow, when you break that down, that’s what I want too. I hadn’t thought of it like that before but that one word summed it up for me. I wanted a workplace that I didn’t just show up at everyday at but one I was included in and I was valued. At a later point I listened to a talk about Maslows’ Hierarchy of Needs and the reference to the Psychological Needs and how that sense of belonging to a tribe was still within in us as it was back in our prehistoric days; if you didn’t belong [...]