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What does the role of HR look like in 2019?

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What does the role of HR look like in 2019 – Have you positioned HR to allow strategic contribution to the future success of your organisation? On a daily basis, the most common conversation I have with prospective senior candidates is about the content of a role profile and how Operational vs Strategic the role is (in reality). From a recruitment perspective, I decided jot down some of my observations about the direction HR is taking, and what I am seeing on the marketplace currently when sourcing for Senior HR Manager/ BP/ Director roles. It has really changed drastically during my time in recruitment. What is a strategic HR role? This is where HR has moved away from the tactical, hands on work and no longer working in the day to day. It is a true focus on aligning business objectives to the people strategy, an identification of long-term or overall business aims and interests and the means of achieving them through people. It takes shape in an environment where leadership feel passionately about having people number 1 on the agenda to drive the company to success. Strategic HR work involves expertise in talent management, brand values, attraction and retention capabilities, workforce planning, organisational design and effectiveness. There is a huge movement away from a tactical and reactive HR towards being strategic, deliberate people teams who take a fully rounded, holistic view of HR that add value at a C-Suite level. “It is almost impossible to achieve sustainable success without an outstanding CHRO who should be a key sparring [...]

Is your Company Ghosting Candidates?

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I work with both passive and active candidates on the market, at different levels and junctures of their careers. As part of my role on a weekly basis I must regret candidates when they have been unsuccessful after interview. These calls are never enjoyable; some people are pragmatic, some disappointed, but generally all are happy to close out on a process and get some feedback. Unfortunately, “candidate ghosting” is still a regular occurrence, and by this I mean candidates who have attended an interview and then hear nothing following their meeting from the employer or the recruiter. On a personal level, I think we can all sympathize with the frustration and bad-will that develops when an interviewer doesn’t follow through with any sort of feedback following a meeting. From having the birds eye perspective on the market, across many industries and companies, I get to hear and see the brand damage that this does to a company when it happens. I do understand that recruiters and hiring managers don’t do this on purpose, and there are many cogs in the wheel that delays or confuses processes, leading to an “ostrich in the sand” mentality of just doing nothing.   These challenges are most commonly: High volume of interviews Lack of systems or controls in place Company cultures that don’t properly value the time invested by candidates Chasing line/ hiring managers for feedback Changing internal structures or the job itself Other priority roles taking over Lack of decision at senior level   However, as a business if you can find [...]

Guinness for a Monday – thanks to ConsenSys Ireland

By |2018-07-02T13:58:08+01:00June 12th, 2018|Uncategorized|

So I have of course heard all the buzz words – crypto currency, bitcoin, blockchain etc., however yesterday was an education in itself to attend the launch of ConsenSys Ireland with Kerri & Adrian, and to hear Joe Lubin, Lory Kehoe, Kean Gilbert, Sydney Lai and the rest of the team speak about the company and their work. If I was to attempt a brief explanation; ConsenSys is part of the Ethereum family blockchain with the aim to be “the new internet”. Ethereum is the base – a type of opensource blockchain ecosystem that can easily plug into an area of relevance and unlock value through creative thinking. Fantastically exciting stuff. ConsenSys was founded by Joseph Lubin, who also co-founded the Swiss-based Ethereum cryptocurrency, was fantastic to listen to – my favourite part being when he mentioned that Satoshi (anonymous creator of Bitcoin) is in fact a woman! It was as surely an evening of learning, (as well as Guinness) and the energy and excitement in the room was palpable –a sense of looking at what very well may be the future. If things work out in some form of what was described, blockchain will become part of our everyday and we won’t imagine a world without it (similar to pre-internet or pre mobile phone)! Minister Paschal Donohoe spoke about how this is fully government backed and highlighted how proud we should be that Dublin has been chosen as a growth hub, progressive and developed in terms of tech talent. The turnout of some three hundred people was a glowing indication of the the interest people hold in this [...]

How to make it work post Mat Leave..

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  HR Search sponsored and collaborated with the DCU Leadership and Talent Institute who undertook a large qualitative study focused on the barriers and enablers that impact re-integration into the work place post Mat leave. This research was led by Yseult Freeney, David Collings and Lisa van der Werff who started by surveying over 300 women and who interviewed over 90 people across 30 industry leading organisations – a huge undertaking! We launched the findings last week in the Shelbourne hotel, whereby over 150 HR professionals gathered to hear from the researchers and a panel conversation.     Why did this topic gain such huge interest from our network? The big picture… The talent agenda is one of the most pressing challenges for organisations and HR leaders globally. With so much time and money invested into TA and Talent Development to attract and retain strong people, based on this research, companies are missing a beat when it comes to positively communicating pre,during and post mat leave to retain engaged and positive employees. When a woman comes to this career juncture of having a family – Is this just a brief interlude in a 30-40 year career? Yes (is the right answer!). However, this study showed that often this a time whereby a woman’s career may be derailed and talent is lost as a result of unconscious bias, professional relationship challenges, or a lack of open communication around expectations. Ultimately firms should not allow their top talent to become “corporate refugees” and to allow them to walk out the door for various reasons. [...]

Changing Jobs Made Easy

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Having joined the recruitment team at HR Search in September it’s still fresh in my mind all the trials and tribulations that come with changing jobs, but the benefits will always outweigh any of the challenges. Trust me! Don’t get me wrong, there’s always a settling in period, I’ve had to wrap my head around new systems and procedures which is always fun. Most importantly you’ll need to get to know a whole new team of people, everyone at HR Search has been so unbelievably welcoming. They’ve managed to surprise me every day, their energy and passion for what they do is unwavering. When you join a new company it’s so important you take the time to get to know your new colleagues. It’s been said to take as much as six months to settle into a new role but if you’ve made the right step forward in your career this time will be worth it. And remember, everyone goes through the same experiences! It’s been an exciting few months, already I’ve met with loads of fantastic HR professionals and was lucky enough to attend the Ibec HR Summit which took place in Croke Park. Next week myself and Caoilinn are heading to Maynooth University to speak in front of a group of second year students currently taking their HRM module. Our aim is to give them an insight into the labour market and in particular how students should strategically approach and navigate the recruitment process. Last week we officially turned on the Christmas Lights at our offices (the Rockefeller Tree has nothing [...]

Top 4 priorities for HR Candidates and Clients!

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We are lucky at HR Search to have a lovely bunch of down to earth, open & honest clients and a great network of passive and active candidates that we partner with at various stages throughout their career. Part of my job is finding the right match outside the job description. This to me doesn’t mean “culture fit” which is a word that is overused, but a blend of the overall background, experience in specific areas, approach to HR, skills, and communication style. Looking back over the past couple of months – here is a summary of what the main priorities are for both candidates and clients. Bearing in mind every role has a different remit and focus, but these are areas that tend to cross over time after time! What are the top things clients are looking for in their potential HR employees? Ability to partner with the business  – This comes up even when it is not a business partner role, and comes down to understanding what drives a business outside the people agenda, ability to get buy in from and deliver on set objectives and most importantly is understanding your client group and communicating accordingly Resilience – this is a word that comes up quite regularly due to the changing nature of a lot of organisations for different reasons (reporting lines/ M&A/ re orgs/ tech change) and this normally means from a HR perspective being able to confront a challenge with a positive and value add mindset (not get your knickers in a twist!) Industry specific areas – Very rarely a client [...]

Is your hiring process HOT or NOT?

By |2018-04-09T09:26:48+01:00August 24th, 2017|HR, Tips for employers|

You’ve advertised a role and have been inundated with applications, great! Surely, you’ll get strong candidates and can pick and choose who you want…right? In an interview process, often we find that it can be the employer who feel they are in charge and leading the interview process. After all, as an employer you are giving a candidate a great opportunity…?Unfortunately, that really isn’t the case, in an increasingly growing and buoyant candidate driven market it is easy to forget that candidates often have several different interviews in a week. These candidates who are in hot demand are being asked to sell whilst simultaneously being sold to. Whilst the interviewer can sell the perks and benefits on why your company is the best company in all the land, is your company and the people you work with selling the benefits? Recently, we had a candidate interviewing for a role within a large, well known company. The interview process involved several stages. All had gone well and the candidate was progressing. However, at the last stage when our candidate was waiting in reception, her initial interviewer passed her, and was not only not recognised but ignored (3 interviews later!). In addition, she was asked at each stage for identifying documents despite providing the required documents on day one. For the candidate, these were deciding factors. She turned down the offer and accepted one from a much smaller company with a shorter contract, but who had a more positive, personal and friendly atmosphere. Take a look at your company. What sort [...]

HR Manager & HR Business Partner – What’s the difference?

By |2018-04-09T09:36:23+01:00May 30th, 2017|HR, HR Tips|

HR typically started as a business function by having its roots in administration, filing, personnel and compliance. HR is an ever evolving value add area of a company, and presently has more impact than ever before for a core business. With this change over the past decade, has changed the nature and structure of HR teams, the titles, skills and attributes of those working in this dynamic field. Today, I was discussing the many differences between a HR Manager Role and a HR Business Partner role with a HR professional who has held both positions within companies. After what was a very interesting conversation, I decided to attempt to outline and simplify the fundamental differences between the two titles/roles. HR Business Partner Human resource business partners have clients within the organization that they support. They provide resources and build relationships with focusing on the missions and objectives set forth by the organization. With the main bulk of administration being centralised, there is much less focus on compliance and administration. In addition, HRBP’s tend to be supported by Centres of Excellence eg Compensations and Benefits, Learning and Development etc. This person is seen as more of a strategic resource for the region or area that they support. Business Partners work to develop a HR agenda that closely supports the overall aims of an organisation. This process of alignment is known as HR Business Partnering, a concept that was popularised in the mid 90’s by David Ulrich. HR Manager HR managers are likely to be responsible for HR within a department [...]

Recruitment Vs. Talent Acquisition – What’s the difference?

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  I have no doubts that both short and long term strategy needs to be in place for companies to effectively attract and on-board talent according to business demands.However, I find these two terms are used interchangeably and in a lot of cases are mixed up! For example - are you a recruiter who gets involved in other areas of Talent Acquisition ie employer branding? Or are you a TA Manager who gets bogged down in the operations of filling immediate vacancies and volume recruitment? What are your thoughts based on the above definition about how your company structures TA/ Recruitment? Please feel free to comment below or drop me a line on caoilinn.taylor@hrsearch.ie to let me know! Caoilinn

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