It is said that three things in life are certain – Death, Taxes and Change. Change is a part of everyone’s life – whether it is at home, school, work or play! Change will continue around you – it is inevitable – your choice will be how you deal with it.

When I was 28 and working in Sydney, my Manager came to me and asked me to take on a team leader role. My initial reaction was to say that I was only two years with the company, 4 months pregnant, the time was not right and I was not ready!

Anne (thanks Anne) managed to convince me that there will always be a reason why the time is not right and plenty of reasons why there will never be a better time to embrace change, accept the challenge and take a risk!

In summary, I believe that there are 5 main reasons why people resist change:

  • Lack of clarity around the reason for change
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of failure
  • Climate of mistrust in the business
  • You agree with the change but not the method of achieving it

Armed with this insight, you can minimize this resistance to change through using the following basic strategies:

  • Provide two-way communication that is clear, accurate and honest.
  • Be sure to get employee involvement in the change and this will allow people to feel involved and take ownership of the results.
  • Good leadership is important as it will help rally support for change and provide best practice in executing the plans.
  • Be prepared to negotiate – try not to be too rigid in the implementation and be open to listening to ideas and suggestions along the way.
  • Get the timing right.

According to Winston Churchill, “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”