I am very fortunate to be able to work from home part-time! I live in a lovely small village in Kilkenny but work in Fitzwilliam Square in Dublin. So rather than risk my life by driving up and down every day I work from home two days per week – I would most definitely recommend it to all you commuters out there.

While there are most certainly advantages and disadvantages, I believe that the pros out-weigh the cons:


1.For quite many the months in Ireland it is dark coming and going from the office – driving conditions can be hazardous especially during the Winter – safety comes first

2. Hours per week and month can be saved by avoiding traffic jams. Employees therefore are less stressed and more productive. From a personal perspective, it makes sense and my work rates are high all year round (even if I do say so myself) regardless of the weather conditions

3. You have quality time with minimum interruptions – while you miss out on the “office fun” on these days, don’t worry you should be more than able to catch up on the remaining days!

4. Work Life balance tends to improve as does your level of engagement and commitment to your employer

5. Employers can also benefit if they employ large numbers and therefore can reduce overall commercial real estate costs


6. Three long Summer months when children are on holidays from school – no matter how many warnings you give them, rest assured they WILL interrupt you! Make sure that you have an official “office” and that you can only be interrupted under “exceptional” circumstances

7. Because you are “at home”, children may feel that you are available to them and their needs – make sure you have booked all those Summer camps well in advance and that grandparents and friends are on stand-by to assist as much as possible

8. Neighbours will see your car outside and rightly assume that you are home! Make sure they all know your reason for being at home!

9. Test your internet connectivity – if you are from “remote” villages like I am – connectivity could be much better!

10. You will have more access to your kitchen, make sure that you stick to your normal office eating regime and not tempted by the children’s snacks that are hidden in the back of the cupboard

So, in summary, if you are driving or travelling to work more than 12 – 15 hours per week – don’t be shy – speak to your boss and point out ALL the good reasons why working from home should be considered a viable and commercial business option.