Is your hiring process HOT or NOT?

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You’ve advertised a role and have been inundated with applications, great! Surely, you’ll get strong candidates and can pick and choose who you want…right? In an interview process, often we find that it can be the employer who feel they are in charge and leading the interview process. After all, as an employer you are …Read More

HR Manager & HR Business Partner – What’s the difference?

HR typically started as a business function by having its roots in administration, filing, personnel and compliance. HR is an ever evolving value add area of a company, and presently has more impact than ever before for a core business. With this change over the past decade, has changed the nature and structure of HR …Read More

7 Ways To Foster Your Emotional Intelligence

According to Emotional Intelligence (EI) expert and author Harvey Deutschendorf, “the realization that E.I. has become an important predictor of job success, even surpassing technical ability, has been growing over the past number of years”. Companies are placing a high value on E.I. in new hires for many important reasons. People with high E.I. understand …Read More

“Working from Home Incentive Scheme”​ – win:win:win situation

4:30am alarm goes off and reluctantly my day starts. 5:20am the Kilkenny to Dublin commute commences. 6:22am as the M9 meets the N7 first traffic build-up of the morning. 7:05am arrive at Fitzwilliam Square to start the day. I have been doing this commute for several years and have noticed that, in line with increasing …Read More

What’s your mindset?

Recently I attended a really thought provoking event hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce which was on the topic of the role of Life Long Learning & Business Growth. The speakers on the day were of equal measure witty & informative which kept the audience refreshingly alert and engaged. All of the topics and findings …Read More

HR Professionals “pining” for Part-Time

Lately I advertised a role for a part-time HR Business Partner and was inundated with applications from highly qualified, highly credible, highly personable and highly paid HR professionals. The choice of people applying for this role was amazing and completely outstripped the number of quality applicants that I would typically get for a full-time role. …Read More

Leadership & Gender – Navigating the Labyrinth

This morning I attended a really interesting talk by Dr Melrona Kirrane on the invitation of Hannah Carney (Carney & Associates) and Mount Anville Past Pupil’s Association (MAPPA) MAPPA’s 2016 Network breakfast was on the very interesting topic of “Leadership & Gender – Navigating the Labyrinth”. What is abundantly clear is that in Ireland we …Read More

Be values focused, profits and wins will follow!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending DCU’s Leadership and Talent Institute Conference on the subject of “Leadership for a Sustainable World” The content of the day was insightful and provided great food for thought. Particularly interesting for me is that many of the principles and points being made were simple and very much back …Read More

9 mistakes commonly made by people who are hiring!

  Often lack of understanding and clarity around vision and values of the business – recruitment process not aligned Lack of planning into recruitment process and time-frame Poorly written job specification and advertisements Poor internal communications re the new hire Many companies do not have a realistic bench mark on salary package in advance of …Read More


I attended the Amcham World of Talent event yesterday in Workdays offices in Smithfield.  It was a celebration of the Irish workforce talent pool and involved great discussions around how to attract and retain the best talent to maintain our competitiveness for FDI. Enda Kenny was the key note speaker, with an impressive panel line …Read More